Visceria Mandala's

Visceria is a participatory design publication that blends the visceral feelings of color, sound, taste and form. How does neon pink taste? What colors are subjectively interpreted from the Beatles “Hey Jude”? How do synethisic sensorial connections exist in entirely different senses? is it entirely subjective? The book, which gathers these “sensorial experiences” from different artists, sound designers, chefs, and a wide range of people in the creative industry in a systematic format. Colors are limited to a palette of 6, contributors are encouraged to name their palettes based on the “experience”. A song, sound, or audio component is then intuitively paired with the color, like pairing wine and food. At this point, the visual reaction to color is paired with sound. Color and sound are then tied to taste, using imagination to tie an connection between sight, hearing and taste. Finally, the missing sensorial experience of form, texture and touch is satisfied by drawing and constructing abstract “Mandalas” the form manifestation of color, sound and taste. The book then leverages image recognition technology paired with the smart phone to add sound to the publication. By scanning Mandalas or color palettes with your smart device, the corresponding song plays instantly. Much like a unique jukebox, it plays the given audio based on the unique mandala design from spread to spread. How do we see things differently? What sensorial experiences do we share and relate? Can we tie different senses together abstractly?

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