Jaguar Land Rover has global markets that span many countries and over 46 different languages. So creating an internal tool to manage these strings of texts that span multiple screens, vehicle model years and the diversity of languages needed to be created. There were many preexisting text management tools on the market, but creating one specialized to vehicle string management was tasked to myself and the development team.

With millions of strings, on fleets of vehicles, model years, and a history of version control, traversing these and visually organizing these were really important to prevent the user experience from being too heavy, and challenging to navigate. This tool needed to be usable by copywriters, marketing, designers and developers alike.
I was tasked with designing the user experience, and creating a visual design that reinforced the usability of the experience. The following as excerpts from the style guide I generated.

Using an accordion style navigation allowed for the expansion and contraction of the string categories, organized within a hierarchy that makes sense for the business. 

Additionally, I pushed for a dashboard style start screen that would allow people using the tool to pick back up where they left off with, which when tested with copywriters in a small focus group, reinforced user retention rates, and minimized unnecessary steps.
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